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Thursday, January 18, 2007

An open letter....

I am really enjoying having my own little corner of the net where I can talk about what books I like and dislike and all the reasons why. I've already mentioned quite a few books and authors in other postings that are favorites of mine and plan to write about quite a few more in future postings. What I hope for is that my discussions (diatribes?) will trigger conversations with others who have their own significant books they'd like to discuss.

At worst I'm talking to myself here, but hey I'm used to that!

What I don't plan to do here is review books; remember, relate, recommend yes, but not any in depth deconstruction of what an author has so painstaking put together. I'm never been all that fond of analyzing themes, plot elements and symbolism. I'm still holding a grudge against my English Lit teacher for ruining "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by making me dissect the symbolism of the book and thereby ruining one of my childhood favorites for all time. I did not, and still don't, need to know how an engine works to appreciate a classy car, nor did I need to know all about the foreshadowing and symbolism to really enjoy, and learn from, a classic story.

I also plan on typing quite a bit about the realities of being an out of print and collectible bookseller; everything from stories about the "ones that got away", the occasional exciting discoveries and probably more than a few rants about some of my least favorite aspects of being a bookseller. I hope you find the blog interesting enough to visit and comment often.

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