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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Book day today!

I had a great day today, slipped the chain that shackles me to this computer and spent ALL DAY in the bookstores. I deal so much with the out of print titles it's nice every so often to get out and see what's been newly published.

I picked up a few interesting juvenile and young adult titles to read. Markus Zusak's THE BOOK THIEF is already in third printing, but actually found a first edition, first printing of John Green's LOOKING FOR ALASKA, which was last years Prinz award winner. I really like Zusak's writing and I'm going to find the time to read Green. (One the best perks of being a bookseller is getting to read your inventory.) I also picked up another copy of Louis Sachar's SMALL STEPS. Even though it had a large first run, First edition, first printings are getting harder to find and that die cut dj is going to drop quite a few out of collectible condition. Great story too!

I also looked a bit at picture books, picked up a few copies of Flotsom by Wiesner and a few other titles. Nothing really knocked my socks off but that is my fault, while illustrated books are a great portion of what I sell it's not really what I gravitate to, for me the "word's the thing" (to misquote Shakespeare).

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