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Saturday, June 17, 2017

webstores: a bit ramble and a whole lot of rant

Once again I'm pondering whether I should have a stand alone website for my book inventory.  I've had a website in the past and found that the headache of maintaining it, especially in regards to PCI (credit card) security compliance, resulted in it not being cost or time effective to keep.

I sell my inventory of out of print and collectible children's books on ABEBOOKS, Amazon and Bibliofind and in the past there were more than enough sales on these sites to keep me busy. However, Amazon's book database is a hot mess, and since Amazon bought ABEBOOKS, my sales on that site have dropped significantly. Granted, economic reasons have something to do with drops in sales, but the fundamental problem with listing inventory only on the large database sites is not competition with dealers selling like inventory, it is having your listing noticed at all among the Print on Demand, the poorly or partially described listings and the scrapers who copy everyone else's listings and offer books for sale that they don't own and ridiculously marked up prices.

Eh, while I ponder whether I'm going to set up another website or just complain, please visit us at:

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