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Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Solstice ramble

Greater minds and much better writers have have pondered and pontificated on what life is, my talent lies with sticking to and stating the obvious. A quick reminder of what life is NOT:

  • Life is not like a book, we don't get to skip over the boring parts or peek at the ending to make sure we like it.
  • Life is not like a movie, there is no sound track, laugh track or commercial product placements.
  • Life is not reality tv, we ALL will be voted off the island eventually.
  • Life is not like a news report with reality defined by a picture and a 10-15 word sound byte.
  • Life in not like a video game, there is NO RESET BUTTON.

LIFE IS A GIFT a series of moments to use, waste, enjoy, cherish, endure; any or all of the emotions in between.



Thursday, December 13, 2012


In every generation there are books that may not have been financially successful or widely read when they were published, that end up growing in desirability as the children of that generation become adults with children of their own.

Sleepers like THE BOY WHO ATE FLOWERS or the CHRISTMAS COOKIE SPRINKLE SNITCHER two titles from the 1960's or one of my favorite sleepers from the 1990's; THE HIGH RISE GLORIOUS SKITTLE SKAT ROARIOUS SKY PIE ANGEL FOOD CAKE.

It has a great message, lovely illustrations and a title which probably drives Librarians, um I mean Media Specialists crazy.