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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Booksellers Night Out

Tom and I went to a regional book auction last night, some interesting books, both children's titles and otherwise. Fun to see what sold and for what price, also who showed up and what they seemed to be buying.

Tom surprised me; even with all the years he has had to put up with stacks upon stacks of books and my total inability to organize my way out of a paper bag, I think that if he had had been holding the bid card we would have come home with a couple boxes of mixed lots. (Maybe I would have bid too if it weren't for the 6 boxes of books due to be delivered here tomorrow. Hopefully I will have all day to attempt to organize them before he gets home and sees that chaos has struck again. There can be distinct disadvantages to being a home based bookseller.)

A lot of absentee bids on items so there was more being sold than to the dealers and collectors in the room, but it struck me looking around that at 51 years old we had to be at least a decade younger than most everyone else there. I certainly hope that the absentee bidders were the younger collectors and dealers that just could not get away on a week day, cause we sure were a geriatric lot in the auction room.

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