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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lewis E. Theiss Biblio Checklist

Lewis E. Theiss wrote primarily aviation adventure stories for boys. The following is a biblio checklist of the books he wrote. Information is based on the Library of Congress Card Catalog and my own inventory, both books that I've had in the past and the few I currently have in stock.

In Camp at Fort Brady. Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill. Chicago: W.A. Wilde Co, 1914. 293pgs, ill. ; 20 cm.

His Big Brother; a story of the struggles and triumphs of a little "son of liberty." Lewis & Mary Theiss. Boston: W.A. Wilde, [1915] 309 p. col. front. 20 cm.

The Wireless Patrol at Camp Brady. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1917] 306pgs col frontis, illus. 20cm.

A Champion of the Foothills. Illustrated by John Newton Howitt. Garden City: Doubleday, Page & Co, 1918. vii, 345pgs [1] p. incl. frontis, plates. 20cm.

The Secret Wireless. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1918] 310pgs. col fronits, plates 20cm.

The Hidden Aerial: the Spy Line on the Mountain. Illustrated By Frank T. Merrill. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co, 1919. 332pgs.

The Young Wireless Operator--Afloat. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1920] 319pgs. frontis 20cm.

The Young Wireless Operator--As a Fire Patrol. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co. [1921] 352pgs frontis 20cm.

The Young Wireless Operator--With the Oyster Fleet; how Alec Cunningham won his way to the top in the oyster business. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1922] 328pgs frontis 20cm.

The Young Wireless Operator: with the U.S. Secret Service: Winning his Way in the Secret Service. Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill. Chicago: W. A. Wilde Co., [1923]. 310pgs.

The Wireless Operator-with the U. S. Coast guard. Boston: Chicago, W. A. Wilde Co [c1924] 313 pgs. front., pl. 20 cm.

The Flume in the Mountains; the Story of the Building of a Great Power Plant. Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill. Boston: W.A. Wilde, [1925] 316pgs col frontis, 20cm.

Piloting the U.S. Air Mail; flying for Uncle Sam. Illustrated by Harold Cue. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1927] 333pgs, frontis, 20cm.

Keepers of the Sea: the Story of the United States Lighthouse Service. Boston: W.A. Wilde, 1927, 320pgs; 19cm.

The Search For The Lost Mail Plane. Illustrated by Harold Cue. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co 1928.

Trailing the Air Mail Bandit. Illustrated by Harold Cue. Boston: W.A.Wilde Co [1929] 315pgs frontis, 19.5 cm.

The Pursuit of the Flying Smugglers. Cover and frontis by Harold Cue. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1931] 320 pgs, frontis, 20 cm.

Wings of the Coast Guard; aloft with the Flying Service of Uncle Sam’s Life Savers. Boston: W.A. Wilde, [1932] 314pgs frontis, 20 cm.

Flying the U.S. Mail to South America; how Pan American Airships Carry On in Sun and Storm Above the Rolling Caribbean. Jacket and frontis by Harold Cue. Boston:W.A. Wilde Co [1933] 303pgs, frontis 20cm.

The Flying Explorer: How a Mail Plane Penetrated the Basin of the Amazon. Illustrated by Albert M. Burkard. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co 1935. (picture of this book)

Guardians of the Sea. NY: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1936. vii, 9-73 p. incl. front., illus. 20 cm.

A Journey through Pennsylvania Farmlands. Illustrated by Alden Turner. Pennsylvania Book Service, 1936. 167pgs

From Coast to Coast with the U.S. Air Mail. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co. [1936]. 4 pgs plates, 310pgs frontis, 21cm.

Flood Mappers Aloft: How Ginger Hale and the Scouts of the Bald Eagle Patrol Surveyed the Watershed of the Susquehanna. Boston: W.A. Wilde, Boston, Co [c1937] 5 p. l., 5-311 p. front., plates. 21 cm.

A Journey Through Pennsylvania Farmlands Volume II. Illustrated by Alden Turner. Pa: The Pennsylvania Book Service, 1938.

Wings over the Pacific. Boston: W.A. Wilde [1938]. 304pgs frontis, plates 21 cm.

Wings over the Andes. Jacket and frontis by Harold Cue. Boston: W.A. Wilde [1939] 327 pgs, frontis, plates, 21cm.

On board a U. S. submarine. Boston: W. A. Wilde company [c1940] x, 308 p. front. 21 cm.

Flying with the C.A.A.; how two of Uncle Sam’s Youngest Airmen Saved a Great Defense Plant From Sabotage. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1941] 303pgs frontis, plates 21 cm.

Flying for Uncle Sam; A story of Civilian Pilot Training. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1942] 314pgs, frontis, plates, 21 cm.

Tommy Visits An Aircraft Factory. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1943] 146pgs, frontis, plates, 20cm.

Flying With the Coastal Patrol. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co [1943] 315pgs, frontis, plates, diagrams, 21cm.

Overseas With the Air Transport Command. Boston: W. A. Wilde [1944] 341pgs, frontis, plates, 21cm.

Sky Road to Adventure. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co, 1945. 303pgs, illustrated, 21cm.

Flying With the Air-sea Rescue Service. Bost0n: W.A. Wilde Co [1946] 281pgs, illus. 21 cm.

Centinennial History of Bucknell University, 1946-1946. Williamsport, Pa, Grit Publishing Co 1946] 484pgs frontis, plates, portraits, 24 cm.

With Young Bruce on the Frontier: A Story of General Sullivan’s Expedition. W.A. Wilde Co., Boston, 1952.

Lives of Danger and Daring. Boston: W.A. Wilde Co., c1955. 278 p. : ill., photos., plates ; 21 cm.

(This may not be a complete list of the author's books, 2 of the titles which I happened to have in stock did not appear in the Library of Congress Card Catalog. )

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