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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gone But Not Forgotten

When I morphed from a fanatic reader/book collector to an equally crazed bookseller it was with the understanding that I really was in business and other people were allowed to touch or (gasp!) even buy my books. I enjoy the collectibles end of the business very much but it was, and still is, hard to let certain books go. Over the years there have been a dozen titles or so that I wished I'd held onto for just a little bit longer...say 10-20 years?

In short, a few of the books that I've sold and wished that I had not....

OLD TURTLE by Wood. This copy was a Fine first edition with no ABA medal on dj and signed by both the author and the illustrator. A lovely picture book.

A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeliene L'Engle. First Edition. Very Good in a Very Good dustjacket it was a first edition in the second state dustjacket. I sold this book for a customer, if it had been my own inventory it would still be sitting on my shelf.

DRAGON RUN by Carley Dawson. First Edition, Fine in a Fine dustjacket. The third book in the trilogy which started with Mr. Wicker's Window. This book would still on my shelf too, if I'd realized at the time how difficult it would be to find it again in collectible condition.

(It has always disturbed me that I can vividly remember the details of a book I've had in my hands once in my life, but rarely remember what day it is or the name of someone I've met on numerous occasions...)

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